Blogging My Genome

After learning about Illumina's Understand Your Genome (UYG) program at ASHG 2013, I decided to sign up to get my genome sequenced. This is a series of blog posts I'm writing about my own adventure in very personal genomics.


  1. Parting with my blood (and treasure): ordering the test and giving a blood sample
  2. Scratching the surface: reviewing Illumina's clinical report
  3. Data wrangling: uploading data to the cloud and extracting FASTQ files
  4. Read mapping: as well as BAM finishing and one variant call
  5. The homozygous designated driver: more than you needed to know about Asian Glow
  6. Variant calling, filtering, and QC: with a first-pass ancestry analysis, too
  7. Sifting for bad news: intersecting variants with existing clinical databases and annotations


Workflows and supporting data in a public DNAnexus project (free account required).
Source code of associated applets on GitHub.

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